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Maximize Prime Item Inventory [Amazon SQL Interview Question]


Amazon wants to maximize the number of items it can stock in a 500,000 square feet warehouse. It wants to stock as many prime items as possible, and afterwards use the remaining square footage to stock the most number of non-prime items.

Write a SQL query to find the number of prime and non-prime items that can be stored in the 500,000 square feet warehouse. Output the item type and number of items to be stocked.


Column NameType

Example Input:

1374prime_eligiblemini refrigerator68.00
4245not_primestanding lamp26.40
3255not_primeside table22.60

Example Output:


The dataset you are querying against may have different input & output - this is just an example!

To prioritise storage of prime_eligible items:

The combination of the prime_eligible items has a total square footage of 161.50 sq ft ().

To prioritise the storage of the prime_eligible items, we find the number of times that we can stock the combination of the prime_eligible items which are 3,095 times, mathematically expressed as:

Then, we multiply 3,095 times with 3 items (because we're asked to output the number of items to stock), which gives us 9,285 items.

Stocking not_prime items with remaining storage space:

After stocking the prime_eligible items, we have a remaining 157.50 sq ft ().

Then, we divide by the total square footage for the combination of 2 not_prime items which is mathematically expressed as so the total number of not_prime items that we can stock is 6 items ().

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