9 Best Data Science Job Boards for Entry Level Jobs

Updated on

June 20, 2024

Hey there, aspiring data scientists! Ready to start your career but need help finding the best entry-level jobs? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! I have gone through every painstaking phase of applying to jobs, from interning at AirBnb to getting my first post-grad entry-level job at Facebook. So trust me when I say these are the BEST sites to use to get your career in data started.

Let’s get you hired!

Best Data Science Job Boards

1. AI Jobs (https://ai-jobs.net/):

AI Jobs AI Jobs specializes in jobs related to artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science. It's an excellent platform for finding specialized entry-level roles in these fields.

Key Features:

  • Focus on AI, ML, and data science roles.
  • Easy search and filter options for experience level and location.
  • Regularly updated with new job postings from top companies.

2. GitHub Jobs (https://www.github.careers/):

GitHub Careers GitHub Jobs is a great place for tech-related roles, including data science positions. Employers value contributions to open-source projects, making it ideal for those with a GitHub profile.

Key Features:

  • Listings often emphasize technical skills and project contributions.
  • Integration with GitHub profiles for easy application.
  • Community-driven with roles from various tech companies.

3. DataJobs.com (https://datajobs.com/):

Datajobs DataJobs.com specializes in data science, analytics, and data engineering jobs, providing a focused platform for finding relevant entry-level positions.

Key Features:

  • Exclusive focus on data-related roles.
  • Curated job listings from reputable companies.
  • Resources and articles on career development in data science.

4. Built In (https://builtin.com/):

Built In Built In is a network of local tech communities that features job listings from startups and tech companies, making it a valuable resource for entry-level data science roles in specific regions.

Key Features:

  • Regional focus with dedicated sites for major tech hubs.
  • Detailed company profiles and culture insights.
  • Community-driven with events and networking opportunities.

5. Dice (https://www.dice.com/):

Dice Dice specializes in tech jobs, including data science positions. It offers comprehensive search filters and career resources, making it easier to find entry-level opportunities.

Key Features:

  • Tech-focused job listings.
  • Advanced search filters (e.g., skill set, location).
  • Career resources like salary guides and tech career advice.

6. Stack Overflow Jobs (https://stackoverflow.com/jobs):

Stack Overflow Jobs Stack Overflow Jobs features tech-related positions and is known for its active developer community. It provides a platform for finding data science roles that emphasize technical expertise.

Key Features:

  • Integration with Stack Overflow profiles and reputation.
  • Focus on tech roles and technical skills.
  • Community-driven job recommendations and company reviews.

7. Outerjoin (https://outerjoin.us/):

Outerjoin Outerjoin focuses on remote data science and analytics jobs, offering opportunities for those seeking flexible work arrangements.

Key Features:

  • Exclusive focus on remote data roles.
  • User-friendly interface with easy filtering options.
  • Regularly updated with remote job listings from various companies.

8. WayUp (https://www.wayup.com/):

WayUp WayUp specializes in entry-level jobs and internships for students and recent graduates, making it ideal for those new to the workforce seeking data science roles.

Key Features:

  • Focus on entry-level positions and internships.
  • Partnerships with universities and employers.
  • Resources for resume building and interview preparation.

9. DataAnalyst.com (https://www.dataanalyst.com/):

DataAnalyst.com DataAnalyst.com focuses specifically on data analyst roles, including entry-level positions. It’s a targeted platform for those looking to start a career in data analysis.

Key Features:

  • Exclusive focus on data analyst positions.
  • Detailed job descriptions and requirements.
  • Resources and articles on data analysis careers.

Additional Ways to Start your Career in Data Science

Maybe you’re looking at these ‘entry-level’ job listings and getting smacked in the face by the nonsense “3-5 years of experience” in the job description. Or perhaps you’re scrolling through the technical skills and realize that you only know SQL but not Python.

Well, let me help you get started! Here are my favorite resources to help you conquer those job descriptions and excel in the interview.

  • Ace the Data Science Interview: #1 Amazon best-seller that has helped thousands of people land their dream job in Data Science! Filled with tips and tricks and step-by-step instructions on overcoming those tricky case studies.
  • SQL Tutorial: Measure up your SQL skills and cover everything from the basics to string functions… and completely FREE.
  • DataLemur: A Python and SQL preparation platform with interactive questions from top companies at all levels, straight from interviews.