Previously, in the basic SQL tutorial, we covered SQL keywords in a boring, definitional way – here's the keyword, here's what it does, give it a try, blah blah blah.

Those simple days are OVER - welcome to intermediate SQL!

Because SQL lacks some special function, or some magical keyword, in the intermediate SQL tutorial we'll start to combine new and old SQL commands to do realistic data analysis workflows similar to what you'd do on the job.

Speaking of data jobs...

SQL Interview Prep x Intermediate SQL

As the author of Ace the Data Science Interview, and curator of the DataLemur SQL Interview Questions, you know I'm OBSESSED with technical interviewing.

But the basic SQL tutorial had a noticeable lack of real SQL interview questions 😒.

Those simple days are OVER - welcome to intermediate SQL!.

In the process of completing the 12 lessons in the intermediate SQL tutorial, you'll be solving:

While most of these SQL interview questions are labeled "easy", don't let that fool you!

Interview questions from top tech companies like FAANG can be quite tricky, and require real problem-solving skills, compared to the more straightforward & contrived SQL exercises we had you solve in the intro SQL tutorial.

Be mentally ready to struggle through these in the intermediate SQL tutorial – and don't complain that we didn't warn ya!

So, without further ado, the first intermediate SQL lesson – aggregate functions like SUM, AVG, COUNT, etc.!

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